Tuesday, 22 January 2013

business computer support

business computer support Dartford Kent Services for Small and Medium Businesses in Kent, London and the South East UK with Same Day Call Out and Instant Remote Support
AME DAY IT Support or within the hour. You may have an IT / Computer emergency or you may just have a niggling problem that needs to be dealt with TODAY! We can usually get a technician out to you same day or even within the hour if your situation is urgent. it support kent in a HURRY!
We work with all Microsoft systems including server, desktop and laptop and specialise in looking after Small / Medium Businesses with between 1 and 75 employees. Where specialist 3rd party software is in use, we can work with your software provider at any support level.
Do you have a computer or network issue that you feel you could solve yourself if you had just a little advice over the phone from a IT Technician? Give us a call and we'll help, we won't be sending you a bill for 10 minutes of advice - we'll be more than happy to assist. Call us today on 01322 251111
Our IT Support experience means we're going to get to the root of any issue and solve it as quickly as possible and with the minimum of fuss.
Looking for an IT Support &/or maintenance contract? All our IT Support Contracts are fully tailored to your exact requirements and can be re-customised at any time throughout the year..
...and all of our maintenance agreements are available on a one month rolling contract at NO extra charge
Server Monitoring 24/7 - With 24/7 server monitoring we know about any issue with your server within moments of it happening and a new service ticket is opened in our monitoring centre. If the issue can be resolved automatically by our managed software the ticket will be closed without any fuss. If a technician needs to resolve the issue, he will be notified immediately and usually resolve the problem remotely. If it can't be resolved remotely, he'll be on his way to your office! Currently 84% of issues are resolved without our Clients knowing they existed in the first place.
Hosted Exchange, this can be a real money saver for some businesses. Visit the following link for further info on Hosted Exchange and your options.
IT Support (UK) Ltd is a Small Business Specialist looking after all your Company computing needs...
Information Technology (IT) is such a vast field and you as a Business Owner or Company Director just don't have the time and sometimes not the interest in finding out what is available to make your Company more efficient, you're too busy running your business.
Without the right advice, spending money on IT Support or IT Solutions could be like playing roulette. With the right advice you could be making savings on anything from your monthly broadband bill to reducing your monthly server maintenance costs or finding out new ways to get tasks completed in half the time. With the wrong or poor advice, you could be wasting money month after month.
We already have the "IT answers" just like you have the answers for what goes on in your business, call today for our IT Support Services and see what we can do to ensure you have the best value for money IT Support available AT it support london